You’ve established that you know a trusted relationship and open, easy communication is key, but how do you start the search for your primary care physician?

  • Recommendation – Talk to your friends and see who they trust and recommend.
  • Accessibility – Contact different clinics/surgeries – See how easy it is to contact the doctor during office hours and after hours.
  • Online Reviews – See if the doctor has online reviews or testimonials from previous/current patients
  • Get in Touch – Set up an appointment to sit and talk with any potential physicians. Think about what aspects mean the most to you and see if their personal and professional manner makes them the right physician for you.

Whichever Physician you end up choosing, make sure it’s someone that you feel safe and cared for with. With primary care, you’ll hold this relationship for life, and the connection could make all the difference in how you feel and how you respond, when it comes to your healthcare.

Personal Care from Independent Experienced Physicians

Noble AMA IPA Medical Group is a local Independent Physicians Association comprised of  primary care doctors and specialists in Orange County. Each operates their own practice, guaranteeing independent thinking with the freedom to provide your personalized care. Our Physicians work as patient advocates, putting you first to ensure you’re provided with the best preventive and diagnostic care.

Being proactive and responsive is everything to us. We take pride in fast turnarounds when it comes to treatment and specialist referrals, so you receive timely specialty care, when you need it.

We offer more than convenient, dedicated doctors. When you enroll with Greater Tri Cities IPA, you gain access to the extensive health care network you’ve been looking for, including:

  • Local lab locations
  • 4 excellent hospital affiliations
  • Direct referrals to many specialties
  • Referral turnarounds as quickly as 24-48 hours
  • Diversity amongst our physicians
  • Multi-lingual customer service

We make becoming a member of Greater Tri-Cities IPA easy, and all on your terms. Whether you are looking to set up a new family physician for ongoing medical issues, or simply looking to arrange your immunizations, we want you to be able to research and find the right primary care physician in North County for you. We would love for you to become a valued member of NOBLE AMA IPA, but you can start your journey by exploring our strong team of dedicated physicians.

Find Your Physician

At Noble AMA IPA we understand how important it is to choose the right doctor to meet your health care needs. With our Provider Search, you can quickly find a doctor in your area, by preferred specialty, language and gender. NOBLE AMA IPA strives to help you to protect your overall health.

Look in your health plan directory for Greater Tri Cities IPA. The directory lists all of our physicians, their office locations and the health plan code number that you need to use when selecting a physician.

Once you have made your decisions, it’s easy to switch to a Noble AMA IPA doctor – simply contact your health plan and telling them that you would like to join Greater Tri Cities IPA.

Search our online physician directory today and let’s get your healthcare plan onto a whole new level of care.