How do you use your Medicare Advantage Plan to get the coverage you need? How do you find physicians and providers accepting Medicare Advantage in Los Angeles? Take a look at our guide to this form of Medicare, or reach out to the Noble IPA team to learn more.

What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage Plan is sometimes referred to as a Medicare Part C Plan or an MA Plan. This form of Medicare is designed to ensure that you can get the care you need in the United States, effectively removing much of the anxiety and stress from paying for medical care.

These plans are provided by private sector organizations, all of which have been approved by the Medicare program. Under the plan, you will receive your Part A and Part B coverage from the Medicare program, usually bundled together as the Part C Medicare Advantage coverage. You should also be able to receive Part D coverage — covering any drugs and medications you may need as part of your treatment.

All emergency or necessary treatment must be delivered by healthcare providers within the program network — i.e. providers who accept Medicare Advantage in Los Angeles or wherever else you are based. If you are seeking non-emergency care, this may be covered according to your plan, but you will have to make sure of this. You may also find that your out-of-pocket payment limit is higher than it would be for emergency care.

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

When you take out a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are shifting the balance of your Medicare coverage. In simple terms, this means you still have the Medicare Part A and Part B plans, but this is covered mainly by the Medicare Advantage Plan rather than your standard Medicare Plan.

The Coverage Offered

Generally, you’ll receive the same coverage from Medicare Advantage as you would from the standard Medicare program. However, there may be some additional coverage added for certain types of care. These will vary from plan to plan, but may include:

  • Eye testing and eye health services
  • Auditory health and ear testing
  • Dental care and treatments
  • Fitness programs and auxiliary health services
  • Drugs and medication (Part D plans)

Payment for Treatment

The Medicare program is still paying towards your health coverage, even though Medicare Advantage Plans are administered by external companies. Each month, the Medicare program pays a fixed amount of money to the nominated and approved company to cover these costs. However, you will usually still need to pay some money out of your own pocket towards your treatment.

The cost you have to pay out of your own pocket can vary according to:

  • The type of plan you are using
  • Any specialists you need to see as part of your treatment (you may need to get a referral)
  • Any non-emergency care you need, which is usually delivered by a member of the Medicare Advantage Plan or a partner

MA Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance

You won’t usually be able to use Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, while you are using the Medicare Advantage Plan. The two forms of coverage are separate, and you will not be able to claim any costs from the Medigap program. You will also not be able to open a Medigap plan while you are already using an MA Plan.

Medicare Advantage Treatments at Noble IPA

To receive the benefits of this type of coverage, you need to know which physicians are accepting Medicare Advantage Plans in the Los Angeles area. The Medicare physicians at Noble IPA can deliver this care to you, making sure that you receive the treatments you require and the coverage you are entitled to under the MA Plan. Reach out to find a physician today and book your appointment, or simply chat with our personnel to learn more about what we provide.