Physician’s Data Trust

“Together, we will achieve the extraordinary.”

Our Goal: Quality, not Quantity.

Our goal is to manage a small number of high quality IPAs, ideally no more than six. In this way, we can focus all of our resources and innovation to provide excellence to a few, rather than mediocrity for many. Our employees take pride in knowing that they contribute directly to our IPAs success and reputation. Their dedication to customer service regularly exceeds the highest expectations. Our motto is, “If it’s good, make it better. If it’s better, make it best!”

Our physicians call the shots.

Physicians DataTrust exclusively manages physician-owned IPAs. Having our physicians directly involved in the decision-making process can only mean better quality care for our members. Our objective is to assist the physician with the administrative aspect of patient care, without impeding his/her ability to provide it.

We listen, we act, we care.

Physicians DataTrust strives to always maintain an open line of communication with each and every provider’s office – from the receptionists, to the nurses, to the managers. If there is a problem, we want to know about it. We also communicate with our own referrals and claims staff to identify potential problems before they occur, and to work with your providers to correct them proactively. No problem is too small to be dealt with promptly and professionally.

About Physicians DataTrust